SUBLIMISTICK INTEGRAL – Tailored Bike frame protection

protection de cadre sur mesure

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Tailored frame protection for BERINGER

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Tailored frame protection for Cervelo


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Set up

Installing a Sublimistick Integral protection kit requires patience and dexterity, but nothing too daunting. For the less adventurous, we invite you to contact your nearest Slicy dealer so that he can take care of fitting your kit. Find our dealers HERE


– Place the kit in a clean indoor room at room temperature (between 17°C and 27°C).
– Clean and degrease the bike thoroughly with a suitable solution (bike cleaner or degreaser).
– Remove as many troublesome components as possible from the bike to facilitate installation (wheels and external casings).
– Make sure the bike is dry and clean.
– Fill a Spray bottle with 0.5L of water and 0.1ml of Slicy Shampoo supplied in the kit.
– Wash hands thoroughly before fitting.


– Identify the patches according to the instructions supplied.
– Install patches in order (starting with No.1).
– Moisten the area of the frame to be protected with Spray.
– Wet your fingers with Spray.
– Unpeel the patch in question.
– Wet the patch with Spray (sticky side).
– Apply the patch where indicated on the instructions.
– Adjust and reposition the patch until you find the right position. Patches can be peeled off and repositioned while still damp.
– Use the squeegee to remove water and air bubbles. Start from the center and push the water outwards.
– Use the microfiber to wipe off excess water from the outside of the patch.
– Wait a few minutes, then check that the patch is firmly stuck all over. You can use your fingers to press firmly on corners and edges.
– A stubborn corner? Be patient. Keep pressing on it with your fingers until it sticks. Heat the patch for a few seconds with a hairdryer, then press firmly.
– Repeat with all the patches in the kit.
– The kits are designed with a spacing of 3 to 5 mm between each patch.
– Once the kit has been applied, keep your bike warm for 24 hours.
– Do not ride or wash your bike for 24h.

Removing the kit:

– Heat the patches with a hair dryer.
– Remove the patches by gently unrolling them.

Liability :

– Slicy accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to the bicycle frame when fitting/removing the Sublimistick Integral kit.
– If you find that a patch does not fit the shape of the tubes, please contact the Slicy team at so that we can adjust our cutting file.

    Custom kit orders are processed every morning.

    Each kit is sent to production the day after it is ordered.

    Shipment is organized immediately or the next day.

    Delivery time is 2 to 5 days for available references.

    Some pre-order references are available within 15 days.

    If you need to replace a damaged patch, there’s no need to buy a complete kit – you can order your patches individually.

    Contact our team at and tell us :

    your kit reference (brand / model / year / size / finish)
    the number of the patch to be replaced. This can be seen on the product visual:

    Protection de cadre Specialized Turbo Levo Alloy

    Our team will then tell you how to order your replacement patch.

    Nous proposons un service de pose de kit dans nos ateliers à Annecy.

    Tarif cadre : 130€

    Tarif fourche : 30€

    Tarif cadre + fourche : 150€


    La démarche à suivre :

    • commander son kit en ligne. Il sera livré chez vous.
    • contacter notre équipe afin de fixer un rendez-vous pour la pose.
    • nous faire parvenir le vélo et le kit dans nos locaux. Nous pouvons réceptionner votre vélo par colis. L’expédition aller/retour est à votre charge.

    Délais (hors expédition) :

    • 1 à 3 jours pour la pose d’un kit en stock.
    • 2 à 3 semaines pour la pose d’un kit en “Pre Order”.


    Contactez nous pour plus d’information. 

    Slicy – 12 rue du pré paillard – 74940 Annecy le vieux – France

    04 50 01 40 16

    protection cadre intégrale sublimistick integral