About us

About us

We are a team of cycling lovers, working to offer a complete range of protection products for your bike. We are based in Annecy, in the heart of french Alps. Slicy has been launched in 2016 with a simple idea : offer the first 100% online customizable bike fender.

Our activity

Our company is responsible for the entire value chain : from design to sales. Our products are available on our website, but also through a network of distributors and retailers, all over the world. Slicy is unique ! Indeed our company is the only one to offer a customization service for customers and retailers.

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Our products & values.

The leitmotiv of Slicy’s products is above quality and originality. We make a point of developing practical, aesthetic and qualitative products at good price.

Most of these products are produced directly in our factory in France. Also, our suppliers are mainly French and European. In this way we can control delivery times and quality throughout the process.

We make a point of designing helpful, quality and low impact on the environment products.

We use recycled Polypropylene to make our mudguards and recycled paperboard for our packaging. Our production process is studied to decrease the waste of raw materials.

The Slicy touch

Our customizing service is unique and makes Slicy successful since 2016. We have always loved to customize and protect our bikes and finally we made it our job.

Today customization has becomes a key response to the changes and demands of consumer needs. We know how much it’s important to assert our identity and stand out of the masses, that's why we offer everyone the opportunity to express their creativity and their style freely !

Our customers are not only simple buyers but creators. They maintain a close link with our brand and it motivates us on a daily basis.