// Integral Frame protection

// Sticky Loop tubeless rim tape

// Sublimistick Colors / Colors EVO / MySublimistick

// Slicy Banana Smoothy tubeless sealant

// Insert Anti-pincement Smooth

// Mudguard

// Frame protection

// Customization

I can’t upload my pictures into the customization modul, why ?

If you can’t upload your pictures, the reasons are :

  • your picture is too small or big : the minimum size required is 300x100px. The maximum is 10 000×10 000px. 
  • the resolution is too weak : the minimum is 72 dpi. 
  • Your image has a bad format. Accepted formats are : JPEG, PNG, SVG.
  • Your image is too heavy. The maximum weight is 10 MB.

Some colors appear differently after printing.

Sometimes, colors can appear differently on the product than on the screen because : 

  • to print an image (PNG, JPG,…) we convert RGB color coding to CMYK
  • it’s depend on your screen configuration (contrast, brightness, intensity)…
  • we can’t print some colors like gold, fluo or chrome … They will be replaced by the nearest color codes

Can I upload any image / design / logo ?

The images you use must be free of rights and conforms with existing legislation. This includes : copyrights, person and mark rights, as well as designs, logos and texts that contain radical or defamatory opinions.

What is the return policy for custom products ?

Custom products are produced on demand, this implies that they can’t be refundable or exchangeable (except if we made a mistake)

// Production & Shipping

What are the delivery times for a custom product ?

Custom products are produced on the demand. The delivery time is 5 to 12 working days

What are the delivery times for a product in stock ?

The delivery time for stocked products is 2 to 5 working days. 

Stocked products are : Smooth, Sublimistick (Essential, Ultimate, R5, R10) and goodies


// Mudguard

Enduro / DH mudguards are compatible with PLUS tire size ?

Yes, the Enduro / DH mudguards, Enduro / DH Ultimate and Enduro / DH LONG Ultimate are compatible with PLUS tires. They fit on sections from 2.3 to 3.0.

An Enduro / DH can be used as a rear mudguard ?

Yes, it is possible to attach the Enduro / DH mudguards, Enduro / DH Ultimate and Enduro / DH LONG Ultimate on the seat stays to convert as a rear mudguard.

Slicy mudguards are compatible with all forks type ?

Our mudguards are compatible with most forks on the market.

For the reverse arched (Manitou), you can adapt our model Enduro LONG mounted upside down.

Non compatible forks : :

  • Cannondale Lefty
  • Motion E18
  • Trust Messages
  • Rockshox RS1

// Frame protection

Can we cut our Sublimistick to fit our frame ?

Yes, you can cut your patches with a sharp pointed scissors to adapt perfectly to the specificities of your frame.

How to avoid fingerprints on the film ?

To avoid fingerprints on the film during installation, simply moisten your fingers with water or window cleaner.

Is the protection repositionable?

Yes, the protection  is repositionable as long as its adhesive side is wet.

Which product should I used for a perfect set up ?

We advise you to use water or a  window cleaner containing alcohol (without coloring – transparent).

Traces of water and microbubbles remain under the film after installation.

Once the film is laid,  traces of water and micro-bubbles could bel present under it. No worries, they evaporate after few days.

How to remove the protection ?

Simply remove the protection by pulling on the film. No material is needed to remove the Sublimistick. You can use a hair dryer to soften the glue and facilitate the remove.

Does the Sublimistick leave traces of glue on the surface?

No, the Sublimistick doesn’t  leave traces of residual glue. Remove at room temperature.

// Anti-pinch flat tyre insert

Does the Smooth drink the Sealant?

No, the Smooth doesn’t drink the sealant. It is composed of a closed cell EVA foam, 100% waterproof.

Which dose of sealant should i put with my Smooth?

We recommend you to add extra 30 ml of Sealant  in addition to the recommended dose. The sealant  will come spread on the surface of the insert that’s why there will be less in the bottom of the tire.


What is the lifetime of the Smooth ?

The life of Smooth is more or less  1 year. It depends on your riding style and the number of impacts you receive. We advise you to check your Smooth every 3 months.


Can I run lower tyre pressure with my Smooth?

For “soft” XC / All-mountain / enduro use, you can remove 0.2 / 0.3 bar from your usual pressures without the risk of damaging your rim.

For “hard” use Enduro / DH we advise you to keep your usual pressures.


// Any question/comment ? Contact us !