Tailored bike frame protection for ROCKRIDER – Sublimistick Integral

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Our tailored bike frame protection for ROCKRIDER is a clean and effective solution to keep your bike fresh.

Now you can protect your ROCKRIDER frame! You can now protect your Rockrider with our integral covers for models such as the RACE 940S or FEEL 900S.

Our pre-cut kits are completely designed to fit the shape and size of your bicycle. All patches cover up to 95% of the frame surface. Patches are made to protect all sensitive areas of the frame. Our kits are designed with a spacing of 3 to 5 mm between each patch.

The advantages of the Sublimistick Integral kit :

  • protects from scratches related to the practice (projections, shuttles, bike rack, chairlift etc…).
  • protects from small stone impacts.
  • keeps the frame looking good all year round.
  • a bike without scratches sells better.

The Sublimistick Integral kit is composed of all the useful accessories for a perfect installation:

  • instructions and tips for installation.
  • a Microfiber.
  • a flexible squeegee to remove water.
  • 0.5ml of Slicy Shampoo solution to facilitate the application.

Characteristics of our Sublimistick protective film :

  • High quality polyurethane film.
  • thickness: 160 microns.
  • Anti-uv treatment.
  • does not yellow.
  • self-healing properties.
  • non-adherent (mud sticks less easily).

ATTENTION : some frames with a paint containing asperities or of the granular type (anodized) will not be able to be protected with an optimal rendering, without traces! The result will be ideal on frames with smooth, glossy or matte paint

Additional information

Additional information

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S, M, L, 52, 54, 56, 58


Glossy, Matte



The installation of a Sublimistick Integral protection kit requires calm and thoroughness. If you are not sure of your skills, we invite you to contact your nearest Slicy dealer for a perfect set-up. Find our dealers HERE

Preparation :

– Make sure you are in a clean and warm, indoor space (17°C to 27°C).
– Clean and degrease your bike paying close attention to every little detail.
– Remove inconvenient components or old decals to facilitate the installation.
– Ensure the bike has been allowed to dry for some hours.
– Fill the spray bottle with our install shampoo. Add 0.5ml for 0.5L of warm water.
– Thoroughly wash your hands.

Installation :

– Identify Sublimistick sections using the bike diagram.
– Select pieces in number order (starting with No.1)
– Spray water to your fingers.
– Peel the section of Sublimistick off and spray water immediately on the sticky side.
– Spray water on the frame’s location.
– Apply the wet Sublimistick section to the frame. Center and line up the piece according to the diagram.
– Repositionining is possible if the Sublimistick section is still wet.
To move, peel back, add further water to the frame and Sublimistick section then re-apply in correct location.
– Use the Slicy squeegee to remove water and air. Start at the centre of the Sublimistick section and pull the water and air to the outside.
– Use the microfiber to collect any excess water.
– Wait few minutes and use your fingers to check if all edges are firmly pressed down.
– For a perfect finish, use the hair dryer to dry the Sublimistick sections. Do not overheat.
– Repeat these steps for each section of Sublimistick.
– Kits are designed with a 3mm gap between Sublimistick sections.
– Let your bike dry in a warm workspace for 24h.
– Do not ride or wash your bike for 24h.

Removal :

– Use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive.
– Peel back a corner and remove remove the section very slowly.

Disclaimers :

– Slicy is not responisble for any damage caused to your bike during installation or removal of the Sublimistick Integral Kit.
– If you have any problems or issues with your Sublimistick Integral Kit, please contact a member of our team at: contact@slicy-products.com.

Request a Tailored Protection Kit

Request a Tailored Protection Kit

Haven’t found the right kit for your bike? Don’t panic, we’ll take care of you!

Every week our team works hard to add new bikes to our kit catalogue. If we have not yet had the opportunity to create the right kit for your bike, we invite you to make your request by filling out the form below.



    As you can imagine, we will not be able to develop all kits for all bikes. We will select those that will be useful for the maximum number of riders. New collections will be favoured as well as sizes M and L.

    To develop a kit, our team needs to have the bike in their hands. Thank to our local Slicy dealers that allow us to have access to these bikes in order to develop the templates. It’s also possible to receive you in our workshop, accompanied by your bike, if you live near Annecy, France.


    Delivery time

    Delivery time

    Custom kit orders are processed every morning.

    Each kit is sent to production within one day of the order.

    Shipping is organized the next day or the day after.

    Delivery time is 2 to 5 days for available references.

    Some references noted in “pre-order” are delivered within 15 days.